Items Fleder fang

Found on the carcasses of dead fléderek. They're also reasonably valuable and they don't require a bestiary entry to harvest. Szárny membrán, however, does require the entry. Fléder szemfogak have no alchemical value whatsoever.

Díj Szerkesztés

 Vásárol  Elad 
10 Items Oren  10 Items Oren 

A "Mellékhatások" kalandmodulban, they only fetch 6 orens.

Helyek Szerkesztés

  • crypts
  • outside The Hairy Bear at night sometimes
  • in the garden outside the hospital sometimes, at night
  • at the farthest end of the alley going by the dwarven blacksmith shop (around the corner), at night

Érdekességek Szerkesztés

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